National Mail Advertising, Inc.

Postal Specialist
• Member of Mailing & Fulfillment Service Association postal
• Member of Houston Postal Customer Council Executive Board -
  past Industry Co-Chair
• USPS Certifications
        — Mailpiece Quality Control Specialist
        — Professional Mail Service Provider
        — Quality Mail Preparation
        — Mail Design Professional
        — MERLIN, Training for Mailing Customers
• Receives regular postal updates via Domestic Mail Manual,   Memo
   to Mailers, Mailer’s Companion, PostScripts and Postal Points
• Regular Participant at National Postal Forums


BCC Software Mail Management Software
• CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) which includes carrier
• Postal Qualification: First Class Auto Presort, Standard Mail
  Auto, NDC/SCF sort, Palletization, Publication Mail
• Reports include mail qualification reports, nonqualified,   postage report, USPS forms (3600, 3602)

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