National Mail Advertising, Inc.

National Mail offers a variety of Data Processing services. The
following is a list of some of those services. Call us for a full list of
Data Processing services.

Data Security

We understand how important it is to insure the privacy of your
data. Our Data Center, as well as our facility has been inspected
and qualified by an outside firm.

Optimal Postal Presorting

• $$$ Reduce Postage Cost $$$
• Mail Manager 2010 Presort Software
• All levels of presort classification.
• Utilizing our USPS Certified CASS (Coding Accuracy Support
  System) and Presort Qualification software allows maximum
  postal discounts for all classes of mail

Data Management

• Dupe Elimination (Merge/Purge)
• Householding
• Gender Coding
• NCOA (National Change of Address) provider
• IMB Barcode (USPS approved)
• Full Service Certified
• NRD (National Resident/Occupant Database)
• Mapping
• File Maintenance

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